...go and make disciples of all nations...
— Matthew 28:19
Skellingthorpe to Doddington on the sustrans

Skellingthorpe to Doddington on the sustrans

Same story…

In one sense, every group of believers has the same vision. Jesus tells his people to go and make disciples (‘learners’).

If Jesus is Lord of all and will one day reign over his Kingdom of truth and justice, then each person needs to turn around and learn to follow him; living a life of love just as he loved us and gave his life for us.

…different chapter…

But we don’t live in 1st century Israel - we live in 21st century Skellingthorpe! Yes, there’s a Jerusalem, but it’s less Temple and Mount of Olives and more Monson Park and the sustrans!

So, our vision will be all about how to live as and make disciples to the glory of God in our particular setting.

It’s exciting, and that’s one of the first things we’ll be working at with our new Rector.

…different characters

As well as living in a particular setting, the church and community are made of particular people, so we’ll need to take this into account too!

Watch this space!