We’re part of the Church of England. Founded as part of the Reformation that called the Church back to the undiluted good news of the Bible as spelled out in the famous ‘39 Articles’:

“We are accounted righteous before God solely on account of the merit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through faith and not on account of our good works.”


sT Lawrence SCHOOL

We are thrilled to be able to partner with the thriving St Lawrence Church of England Primary School just next door.


We give regularly to Tear Fund who work alongside local churches and other locally based organisations to help communities around the world escape the worst effects of poverty and disaster.


We send gifts at Christmas time and food parcels at Harvest to the Nomad Trust who provide a night shelter for the homeless of Lincoln.


The Mission Aviation Fellowship works in partnership with hundreds of other Christian relief organisations to fly practical help, supplies and the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the remotest places. We have a visiting speaker from MAF each year and organise a cash collection on the day. Skellingthorpe’s link with aeroplanes lives on!